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Euromed Heritage becomes a partner of the Fair

On the 7th April 2009 the Euromed Heritage project became a partner of the International Florence Art and Restoration Fair.

Since 1998 the Euromed Heritage regional programme has committed a total of 57 million euros to fund partnerships between conservation experts and heritage institutions from the countries of the Mediterranean region. Almost 400 partners from the Member States of the European Union and MEDA countries (Algeria, Palestinian Authority, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey) have benefited from the Programme during its past phases.

The fourth phase "Euromed Heritage 4" represents a further milestone in the process of recognizing 'culture' as a catalyst for mutual understanding between the people of the Mediterranean region. Euromed Heritage 4 (2008-2012) ntends to facilitate the appropriation by people of their own national and regional cultural legacy through easier access to education and knowledge on cultural heritage. To meet this goal, a number of projects are funded for a three-year period. Euromed Heritage 4 offers to selected projects a framework for exchanges of experience, channels for disseminating best practices as well as new perspectives for the development of the cultural institutional environment at national and regional levels.

ISTUR CHT is honoured by the presence of Euromed Heritage, which will promote the Fair on its internet portal

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