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Our Partner Euromed Heritage at Palermo 22-25 February 2010

From the 22-25 February 2010 in Palermo, Euromed Heritage will present a training workshop and the regional conference of the Euromed Heritage 4 programme.

Training Workshop
“Recording and safeguarding the intangible”: third RMSU training module (22-23 February 2010, Palermo, Italy)
Oral history, transmission of traditional know-how: what exactly intangible heritage is about and how to identify it properly? Addressed to EH 4 projects partners working on intangible heritage, participants will be trained to tools and methods for the good management and valorisation of this huge Mediterranean value

Mobilising Civil Society around Cultural Heritage Action: EH 4 Regional Conference (Palermo, Italy, 24-25 February 2010)
The active involvement of civil society, the best way to safeguard Mediterranean heritage and create opportunities for human and economic development.

The Regional Opening Conference (ROC) will give visibility to the Euromed Heritage programme, confirm the value and orientations of EH 4 and link it to the value of the Mediterranean as a space of encounter between cultures, of production, of movement, of exchange, and of constant mutations. Conference’s objectives are to launch EH 4 projects, draw attention to the holistic approach of the programme and RMSU’s vision and approach in advocating transversal cooperation, and highlight the value of cultural heritage as an increasingly important lever for economic development.

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