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Vespa In shape of time

Fondazione Piaggio Onlus in collaboration with ANIMATION LIGHTS PROJECT
Thursday Novembre, 8 from 09:40 a.m. - Saturday November, 10 from 6:30 p.m.

The Piaggio Foundation was founded in 1994. It is an Onlus with a mixed public and private participation (Piaggio & CSpA, Pontedera, Province of Pisa.) The Foundation is a box of cultural promotion extremely lively, in which coexist various events as live art exhibitions, conferences , meetings and cultural events, music, dance and fashion.
The installation Vespa - In shape of time explores the narrative possibilities of the Vespa. The object tells itself through a properly applied video-mapping, which works highlighting or repaint the Vespa surfaces, provides information on the various construction details, reveals the hidden mechanical parts. < br> The video-projections create an immersive reality, where the viewer can travel in time through the various historical periods that have made the Vespa a legendary immortal myth. So the object reveals its historical background, tracing the atmosphere, the characters and the symbols of all the interested ages. In addition to the brilliant aspect, which is in itself engaging for the viewer, you can create a situation in which the installation tells herself, by making and transmitting contents so that the viewer is able to assimilate the concepts and the substance of the video installation, in a highly communicative and immersive ambient.

Co-ordinators: Massimiliano Pinucci, Elena Degli Innocenti

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