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The Second Edition of the

Sponsored by the Friends of Florence Foundation and by the Florence Art and Restoration Fair

The non-profit foundation Friends of Florence, in collaboration with the non-profit ISTUR - CHT, organizing secretary of the Florence Art and Restoration Fair, is pleased to announce the 2014 Second Edition of the Prize Friends of Florence in favor of restoration , protection and preservation of the cultural heritage of Florence, promoted and maintained by companies of specialized restoration.
In an era in which the artistic and cultural heritage is first of all the history and identity of Italy, preserve memory , today more than ever, represents a gesture of great civilizations, crucial for the advancement of all countries.
And so, in Florence, universally recognized as one of the cradles of Italian art history and one of the most flourishing basins for research and promotion of cultural heritage, the prize, opens up new possibilities to the protection, conservation of artistic artefacts and enhancement of professional skills related to the restoration, supporting and rewarding activity and commitment of those who work in this area. An initiative that this sounds like a positive signal at a delicate moment in the economic history of Italy, in which more and more art and culture are likely to be sacrificed and relegated to the bottom of the lists of the needs of the community. The award is an excellent opportunity to work and development for an industry that requires professionalism always updated and that unfortunately turns out, more than others, sensitive to the attacks of the international economic situation.
One of the first great examples of supporting the arts by a non-profit foundation through a contract , the award marks an important moment in view of the enhancement of the cultural heritage of Florence. Thanks to science that has assumed , by virtue of the collaboration between the Association of Friends of Florence and non-profit ISTUR CHT , it has created a new synergy between the world of philanthropy , one of the cultural heritage and the operators of the restoration. Together , therefore, to return to Florence and to the world one of the masterpieces of the city, whether large or small , the treasures, return to shine through the work of those who identify with the conservation of cultural heritage seed for the future of our societies.
The second Prize Friends of Florence - Florence Restoration Fair 2014 is dispensing a cash amount of 20,000.00 including VAT, aimed at the realization of a restoration of a work located in Florence. The Presentation of the award will be decided by a jury composed of members of the Executive Committee of the Exhibition, represented institutions and superintendents Florence.
The winner will be awarded the day Saturday, November 15th, 2014 at 12 a.m. at the Talking Corner and symbolically it will start to work on the project that will be completed by 2016.

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